Our story


We’re guessing you’re here because you’re fed up with having to make special trips to the vape shop to get your e-liquids every week. You’re looking for a way to get your supplies that’s easy, affordable and reliable. We’ll that’s what you’ll find with us.

We’ve owned and run vape shops for 6 years and met many customers who feel the same way.

We wanted to give people a better, easier experience, and that’s why we created National Vapes.

We make vaping easy
and save you time

We noticed the majority of customers bought the same products every week – their favourite e-liquid flavour and coils. It seemed like such a waste of their time to make a special trip into town just to get these items.

So, we set up a subscription box service that delivers your monthly supply of e-liquids straight to your door.

We offer high-quality
e-liquids at affordable prices

We’ve done our homework and honestly believe you won’t find e-liquids of this quality for the same price anywhere else. How do we do it? By taking our service online. With no fancy vape shop, our overheads stay low and so do our prices.

Your safety is our priority

When it comes to vaping, safety always comes first. Our e-liquids are made in the UK using quality ingredients. And every e-liquid is tested to strict safety standards to ensure they achieve TPD certification. This means you can be sure of receiving a high-quality product that’s safe.

Our Ethos

We’re on a mission to offer the best vaping subscription box experience in the UK. We do this by offering:

We love what we do and we do it well

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