National Vapes delivery information

Buy with confidence

Want to try a new e-liquid flavour but worry you’ll waste money on something you don’t like? Worry no more. When you buy from us, we promise to refund or exchange any unused, undamaged bottles returned to us within 7 days.

Returning items is easy and free

Step 1: Place any unused items you want to return back into the box they arrived in.
Step 2: Fill in the slip that was sent with your delivery to let us know what e-liquid you’d like to replace it with, or if you’d like a refund. Place the slip in the box and seal it.
Step 3: Place the pre-paid address label that was sent with your delivery on the outside of the box, covering your address label.
Step 4: Drop the parcel off at the post office within 7 days of receiving the delivery.


If you opt to get your money back, we’ll refund the card or PayPal account you paid with within 5 working days of us receiving the items.


If you opt to replace your returned items with a new order, we’ll send it out as soon as we receive the returned items and it will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

And don’t forget to go to My Account to amend your order for the following month.

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us if you need more help.

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